USHJA Certified Trainer


Horse Show Rates

Horse Show Management 

Supplies at home shows      $15

Daycare at home shows       $55 / day

Supplies at away shows       $50

Daycare at away shows       $75 / day

Grooming at away shows (15% tip customary) 

Trainer & staff accommodation cost varies - split among number of horses at show

The Horse Care Flex Program

   Flexible service types include: 

Daily Exercise and grooming 

Tack-up & Tack-down 

6 services per week    $360 / month

3 services per week    $180 / month

1 service per week      $60 / month

Single service              $150

Grooming Services 

Medications (pills, paste, shots, bandaging)    $10 / day

Mane pull and clip ears and whiskers              $25

Full body clipping                                             $150

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The Training Program

Full Training     $550/month

4 Lessons, 1 Ride, 1 horse Care I week

OR 5 Rides I week 

Half Training     $350 / month

• 2 Lessons or Rides I week

The Lesson Program

Package of 8 Lessons with a CSF lesson horse      $450/month

Package of 4 Lessons* 

With your own horse              $200 / month

With a CSF lesson horse       $250 / month

Single Lesson 

With your own horse              $60 / lesson

With a CSF lesson horse       $75 / lesson

*Lesson Package of 4 To Be Used Within Single Calendar Month

Tips for a successful show

*  Know your schedule 

*  Plan to arrive at least one hour before your class begins 

*  Check with the back gate people for estimated go times - always be polite 

*  For Jumpers & Equitation, always be ready to walk your course before the beginning of your class. Sometimes course walks take place at the beginning of the Division 

*  All riders planning on riding in horse shows must be a member of the appropriate 


OCSHA for local shows (GSDHSA for San Diego) 

USEF & PCHA for "A" shows 

USET/Marshall Sterling/CPHA for Medal Classes

Other Horse Show Expenses  - Payable to Individual Vendor 

Horse Show Management 

(Entries, stall, fees on tack room, hay & shavings)  Varies 

Horse Transportation      Varies

Braiding                          $75 + travel